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Aluminum is an extremely versatile building material.  Aluminum is light weight, strong, resistant to corrosion and 100% recyclable; the perfect material for use in green construction. 

Alumatherm, Incorporated  is dedicated to providing  modern, strong, and high performance green products.

  •   With the introduction of polyamide 6/6 nylon thermal barriers the one drawback to using aluminum windows and doors in the modern building has been overcome.

  • AlumaTherm thermally broken aluminum is the perfect material to build architecturally relevant window and door systems in such diverse spaces as conversion live/work lofts, urban housing, residential structures, education buildings and office spaces.

  • AlumaTherm polyamide 6/6 structural thermal barriers provide greater stability, strength and thermal values than traditional poured and de-bridged aluminum windows.

  • Thermally enhanced aluminum window and door systems with structural polyamide 6/6 nylon were developed in Europe over twenty years ago.  Today it is the dominant method employed in the construction of aluminum extrusion.

    •   The Series 90 window system represents AlumaTherm's commitment to sustainable solutions.  Recycled aluminum is identical to smelted aluminum, except for one thing: it takes only 1/20 of the energy to produce it.   And like few other materials in the recycling chain, aluminum recycles over and over again.


AlumaTherm is the registered trademark of Alumatherm, Incorporated